Dear Fans of the International Military Gliding Competition (IMGC),


we are very happy to announce that the planning for the IMGC 2023 has started. Due to COVID and some infrastructure repairs in Holzdorf in 2022, we needed to re-schedule this high-level event for Summer 2023. In order to avoid any surprises, it is highly recommended to enter a safe-a-date in your competition calendar 2023. 

We are all looking forward seeing you in 2023 for this great event. 

Please note the following date for the 20. th IMGC gliding competition in Holzdorf/Germany.

  • 26.07. Check in
  • 27.07. Official Training
  • 28.07. to 06.08. Competition
  • 07.08.23 Closing Ceremony


For further questions, please contact Marcus.


Kind regards